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Underwater Filming Video Production

July 2nd, 2020 by


Easy Peasy Films have been providing underwater filming Internationally for many years. Underwater video with high quality film up to 8K. As a video production company in Los Angeles you know you’re in the best of hands. Our feedback has been testimony to our video production services across the world.


What helps our team stand out from the rest when it comes to HD underwater filming services is that we have experience.  There are many elements of underwater filming that require expertise in the way things move under the surface and our team has the skill you seek.

While it requires careful planning and choosing the right team and equipment, we are confident that the gorgeous underwater shots you’ll achieve will be worth your time and investment. Have a project idea? We’d love to hear more at Easy Peasy Films.


Underwater cinematography is a true skill that does not come with just a certifcate to prove you are good enough but also experience is required. This is what makes Easy Peasy Films stand out from our underwater conematography competitors, we have years of eqperience and the best of video filming equipment. Due to the complexities of filming underwater, an underwater videographer is very different to that of your typical camera person. One thing is certain, underwater film production services don’t just consist of “pointing and shooting.” to record that underwater shoot for your next advert or music video. From the lighting to the weather to logistics of on set, locations and much much more. There’s also several factors that go into creating the video magic that is underwater post video production.

From marine research expeditions to scuba diving training videos, brand advertising to music videos, there are many reasons why you may be looking for an expert to help you with 6k underwater filming. Regardless of what you need to capture underwater, our professional underwater crew at Easy Peasy Films are here to bring your vision underwater to life on the big screen or TV.

Underwater Video Filming Cinematography Los Angeles


At Easy Peasy Films, we capture great footage, thanks to our talented team but also because we use the best video and filming equipment in the industry. We only use high quality underwater cameras to be able to film the best visuals in the ocean or pool.

Because underwater film production services have to be done cautiously and effectively, it’s important to work with professionals. From our safety diver to our expert cameraman, you can rest assured that Easy Peasy Films will provide the services you’re looking for.


We use high quality underwater video cameras up to 8K, and with some of the best underwater cinematographers at Easy Peasy Films, we will take care of your next shoot. When you call us, we’ll discuss your vision in depth to make sure that we understand your concepts and can build a production plan based on the end goal. Once our plan is in place, our team will get to work on setting up for the best shoot possible for your project.

At Easy Peasy Films we’d be happy to provide you with the expertise that will result in captivating visuals for your project within your budget. Call us to start your underwater project today.






Video Production in Los Angeles

August 20th, 2016 by

Easy Peasy Films is a full service video production company based in Los Angeles, California. We specialize in professional filming and underwater cinematography.

Video Production

Our Videography production caters for most budgets. Easy Peasy Films is available for specific projects locally to Los Angeles, California and Internationally.

Video Equipment

We only use the highest quality video equipment when filming underwater, up to 8K. Our production equipment can be flown Internationally to filming locations.

Which Production Company?

As a Production Company in Los Angeles, we are able to provide much of all the content you see on social media, TV, and in theaters today. Easy Peasy Films focus is on content that can be used on all publishing social media platforms and for TV, movies and marketing. As a video production company in Los Angeles we are able to creating amazing content across many platforms.

When you’re searching for a video production company near to the location of your next video shoot, we ask you to consider Easy Peasy Films, we are adaptable, easy to work with, and will guarantee you the video shot that exceeds expectations of viewers.

Corporate or Brand Filming

Easy Peasy Films are able to work alongside any Brands or Corporate companies to create beautiful video, filming Internationally but also locally in Los Angeles, California. We are located in Los Angeles and therefore can be ready for film production within days depending on film set location. We like to get an insight to your goals and targets, market and overall production campaign prior to working together. Easy Peasy Films have made short branded videos for esteemed brands. We look forward to being permitted to publishing our portfolio of incredible advertising work where you’ll see beautiful imagery paired with compelling storytelling that provides plenty of information about the products.

The 3 Steps to our Video Production

This first stage of production is where we learn more about you and your business, then EasyPeasy Films can come up with a video marketing strategy to drive you the results. From there, we go into the production stage. During this stage, your video project will be scripted out, planned, and then shot on set in location to get gorgeous footage for the video. Our third stage is post-production, in which Easy Peasy Films will edit the video shot during production, we then add motion graphics and other elements to augment the video and make it more engaging for your audience, as well as in alignment to achieve your goals. We like to exceed customer expectation and work to tight budgets, timelines and filming schedules.

Film and Video Production Easy Peasy Films Los Angeles


On Set


Easy Peasy Films is a full service video production company based in Los Angeles, California. We specialize in aerial, on set and underwater cinematography. Please call us for more information about our services.

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